We know it’s hard to admit, but with the sun rising later and setting earlier, we know that winter is on its way. You may be thinking that your days of enjoying your pool are numbered as the weather cools down and blue skies turn grey. However, swimming doesn’t have to be off the agenda over winter, especially if there are options available for heating your pool. Electricity, solar, and gas are the three main ways to heat your pool.


Read on to find out more about ways to enjoy your pool this coming winter.


Electric heating

Electric heating has traditionally been the most common way to heat your pool. Electric heat pumps effectively extend your swim season without relying on the sun’s energy, and they are resilient in Perth’s warm climate. Their relatively low running cost and simple installation process are particularly efficient in smaller pools and plunge pools. You can use a touch keypad to monitor the temperature, and some current models can even be Wi-Fi monitored and controlled from your favourite electronic device.


Solar heating

Solar heating is becoming popular with consumers looking for more environmentally friendly ways of consuming energy. Cool water is pumped from your pool through solar absorbers to the roof of your house. Once there, it’s heated by the sun and then returned to the pool. This simple system is effective with low running costs and is suitable for most homes. While the initial set-up costs for solar heating may be daunting, it is important to remember that solar heating systems are cheaper in the long run as they use the sun’s free energy.


Gas heating

A more energy-efficient way of heating your pool than electricity, gas heating also has the benefit of being able to heat your pool very quickly. One slight drawback can be in maintaining an even temperature.


Not ready to pay for heating?

Consider purchasing a pool blanket if you’re not ready to take the plunge and invest in pool heating. A pool blanket is a simple and effective way of not only keeping your pool free of leaves and insects but will also save you up to 50 percent on heating costs. A pool cover can actually help extend your swimming season into the autumn and spring months, increasing the water temperature by around 6-8˚C in pools that get the sun.


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