What should I be beware of when buying a glass pool fence?

There are numerous points to check before committing to buy glass pool fencing. This is important so please read our glass pool fencing checklist to make sure you aren’t ripped off.

What's the difference between Kiss Glass and other providers?

Kiss Glass is a correctly set up company operating a solid business serving many customers. For you this means high quality products, competitive pricing, safety and great service. Read more about how our point of difference benefits you.

What's the difference between frameless and semi-frameless glass?

There are some key differences between the two types of glass pool fencing that will affect your purchasing decision. Read more about frameless & semi-frameless glass pool fencing.

What is heat soaked glass?

Heat soaked glass is a further process to the actual toughening of glass. Read all about the importance of heat soaked glass for your safety and why Kiss Glass believes it is best practice to use it.

How do I clean the glass?

As you would your windows, luke warm soapy water & a squeegee.

Is the gate the same glass thickness as the rest of the fence?

Yes, 12mm so as it give a consistent look to the finished product.

Can you remove the old fence?

Yes we can, at an additional cost.

Can you apply to council for fence approval if required?

Yes we can.

Can you remove the old fence?

Yes we can, at an additional cost.

Does your glass meet the Australian standard?

Yes, all Kiss Glass panels are stamped on the bottom right hand side reflecting our name and the Australian standard.

Can you install glass fencing into a deck?

Only if there are concrete footings directly beneath underside of decking.

Can you arrange to do the footings?

Yes, at an additional cost.

Which is better, polished or brushed stainless fittings?

We recommend polished for external as it will not tarnish or “tea stain”. Internal is a personal choice.

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