Custom Glass

Custom glass is an outstanding feature that sets homes apart, but don’t trust your home to just anyone, call the experts.

Kiss Glass Does It All – Custom Glass Too!

Glass provides an ideal way to achieve a practical need – such as safety around the pool – whilst also achieving an aesthetic desire. However, not all homes are built alike, and we all have different needs. As such, Kiss Glass caters for people who want a design that doesn’t come straight out of a box.

High-Quality Glass

Kiss Glass combines experience with high levels of customer service alongside high-quality products to bring your vision to life. All of Kiss Glass products exceed ASNZS2208, meaning they are safe, reliable and durable.

Alongside the regular tests, our toughened glass panels are also put through a heat soak treatment, making them 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, and also significantly less likely to break.

If in the unlikely event there was a breakage due to heavy impact, the glass would break into small granules to stop injury. Lower quality glass, however, would break into dangerously large pieces. So if you want safety and beauty – call us today.  


Why Kiss Glass Are The Experts You Want Making Your Custom Glass

When it comes to glass, you want someone professional, reliable and experienced. KG can help you there. KG has expert tradesmanship, industry knowledge and a deep understanding of how to help meet customer needs. We have experience in the industry, carrying out a variety of jobs to meet many different needs. For example, in Attadale, in order to hide pool pumps, we smartly installed privacy screens.

No matter what your needs, KG can help you meet them.


Importance of Pool Safety and Regulations

In Australia, pool safety is a priority, which is why the industry must follow strict rules and regulations.
KG glass is stamped with Australian compliancy, meaning it meets all the stated rules and regulations. Our glass is: 

  • 12mm toughened glass, compliant to Australian standard AS/NZS 2208

  • The option of 14.8mm toughened laminated balustrade panels

  • 14.8mm negates the necessity for handrail where view is paramount

  • Heat soaked, ensuring no instantaneous explosion of panels

For more information, contact us today.

Advantages of Kiss Glass’ Toughened Glass…

Tempered glass is significantly better than usual glass, and for several reasons:

  • It is designed for safety. When broken, it disintegrates into small, harmless shards.

  • It is tougher and more durable, making it highly unlikely to break.

  • It is highly heat resistant, having gone through significant testing and an extensive building processes.

  • It is highly customisable, so it can meet all your quirky or fancy design needs.


Benefits Of Getting Our Custom Glass

Custom glass is an ideal way to meet your safety needs whilst also adding aesthetic value to your home. All our products are high quality, affordable and installed by experts. If you have any questions about this article or how we can help you, call 08 9337 4099, email us on or fill out our free, no obligation quote contact form. Our friendly team members love helping our customers find the best possible solution to meet their needs – and we strive to give you the right solution for your property.

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