Difference between frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing?

It’s a good question. There are a number of major factors. One is in the physical look of the fence.

Frameless Glass

A fully frameless fence is a fully cantilevered fence. There are only two small stainless steel spigots or mini posts that are core drilled into the ground with a bolt through the glass.

The fully frameless glass panel is suspended and there are no posts in between them which is absolutely the best look because there’s no impinged feel. The view is not in any way affected because it’s seen as one clear view.

This is absolutely what the majority of people are looking for but it comes with a price tag.

Semi-Frameless Glass

Certainly a cheaper option is a semi-frameless fence and you’re actually going down in glass width because rather than being supported by two mini posts, it is actually supported by aluminum powder coated or maybe stainless steel posts. These are full length high (1200mm) and each post will support each panel.

So absolutely it still gives you that see-through glass look but you will have an upright post every 1000mm to 1200mm and there is a difference in price because the glass is thinner and the aluminum is cheaper than the stainless steel.

With semi-frameless, is the glass still safe if for example, someone ran into it?

Yes, absolutely. The glass is typically 8mm or 10mm thick toughened glass and has a stamp on it to say that it’s approved to the Australian standard. Fully frameless is a 12mm glass, obviously thicker and with more structural integrity due to the thickness of the glass.

Typically what you would also find on a semi-frameless glass installation is a lighter gate. The gate would be 8mm thick instead of 12mm thick for a fully frameless fence.

So it’s a totally different feel and it simply comes down to budget. Need to know more? Call Kiss Glass today on 08 9337 4099.

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