Glass pool fencing adds the ‘wow’ factor to any pool. Modern, durable, and safe, with either frameless, semi-frameless, or custom glass options to choose from, glass pool fencing is a stunning option that will enhance the beauty of your garden. But how can you tell if the glass fencing you are ordering is made of safety glass?


Safety glass, also referred to as toughened or tempered glass, is produced using a slower cooling process than other standard glass types. This renders safety glass stronger, safer, and with higher resistance to heat and breakage than standard glass. Toughened glass offers 4 – 5 times the strength of ordinary glass. If, for some reason, the glass does break, it shatters into small particles, reducing the risk of injury. Because of this, safety glass is used for aquariums, tabletops, and pool fencing. Like the design and location of your pool fence, the glass used in pool fencing must meet strict Australian Standards for safety. If it doesn’t, your pool fence will not be certified.


While safety glass may look similar to standard glass, there are a few ways to identify whether the glass you are looking at has been tempered or not. Read on to learn more.


Look at the edges

Safety glass has smooth edges due to the extra processing it undergoes. Other glasses usually have scuffed or ridged edges. Run your fingers over the edge. If it feels rough, it’s likely to mean the glass isn’t tempered.


Look for a stamp or trademark

Toughened glass is typically clearly marked in one corner with the Australian Standards compliance number. This shows it is toughened glass made to the correct standard. Sometimes, the glass has frames concealing the stamp, so you have to look for other clues.


Look at the glass through polarised sunglasses

Using polarised lenses will reveal dark, shady spots or lines stretching across its surface. This indicates the glass is toughened. The lines were likely formed when machine rollers moved over the surface during the tempering process.


Score a Line

Consider using a sharp knife to score a line on the surface right at the edge or on an offcut if you are still unsure whether your glass is safety glass. If it creates an uneven and flaky line, it’s tempered glass.


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