We are crazy about glass pool fencing – we admit it. Stylish and elegant, glass pool fencing oozes glamour while being functional and meeting the highest safety standards.


With glass becoming the most popular choice for pool fences in Perth, it is an affordable option for Australian pool owners wanting a clean, clear, magazine-worthy luxurious look for their back garden – but how do you keep it sparkling?


Follow our 6 easy tips on how to maintain your glass pool fence.


  1. Turn on the hose

The first step is an easy one! Simply turn on the hose and blast away surface dust and dirt. Anything light will drain off, ready for the next step in glass pool fence maintenance.


  1. Identify stubborn marks

Over time some build-up may accumulate on your glass fence. An effective and cheap way of removing this build-up is with some newspaper pages. Wet the affected area, then screw the newspaper up in your hand, rubbing it over any stubborn marks. Newspaper is a good abrasive without causing any scratching or marking of the surface.


  1. Get some warm, soapy water

It’s unlikely you’ll need any harsh or expensive chemicals to remove dirt marks as glass is relatively easy to clean. If the newspaper doesn’t work, a bucket of warm, soapy water and a sponge should do the job. Dry the glass with a microfibre cloth or squeegee for a streak-free finish.


  1. Check all your fittings

Typically, glass pool fences are installed with marine-grade stainless steel fixings. Some warm, soapy water and a soft cloth should remove most dirt and build up. Avoid using scourers on stainless steel, as they will leave scratches – try newspaper instead.


  1. Turn the hose on again

Rinse as you go to remove detergent before it can dry and leave streaks.


  1. Maintain regularly

We recommend you clean your glass pool fencing at least once a month – and possibly every two weeks during summer when you use your pool more often. Creating a habit of regular cleaning will avoid difficult-to-remove build-up forming. And if you notice any bird droppings – remove them immediately as they can be very corrosive.


And remember…

Glass is typically chemically neutral, but some protective coatings and intermediaries may be affected by using the wrong chemicals. We recommend avoiding cream and gel-based chemicals that will leave streaks, and any heavily acidic or alkali chemicals, unless absolutely necessary.

You might need to use a descaler every so often, but as these are highly alkali, we recommend you use these sparingly.


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