Our name is Kiss Glass, because we believe your glass pool fence should be kissable all year round! But during Summer when the kids and their friends are in and out of the pool every day, constantly splashing that salt or chlorine water around on your glass fence or nearby house windows, you think to yourself – I’m so sick and tired of cleaning them every day!! But here’s how you can easily clean it to save having post Summer stained windows and glass fencing!


Cleaning Tips For Your Glass Pool Fence

1. Windex isn’t just for inside the house!

The primary attraction of glass is that it is unobtrusive. It doesn’t interrupt the view and allows the eye to move through a space without interrupting from the barrier it provides. Therefore, the last thing you want is to ruin this illusion by creating streaks and smears on the glass. Use a specialist glass product like Windex that is formulated to prevent streaks and leave a spotless surface. If you’d prefer not to use a mass produced chemical, you can try a mixture of 2 parts white vinegar to 1 part water. If your glass is only minimally soiled, this may work for you.


2. Ever heard of the newspaper cloth?

This is a little secret from the hotel industry. Paper towels tend to leave behind little pills and pulp, and cloth tends to leave streaks. We recommend trying newspaper to apply and remove any solution from your glass, as this leaves behind the least detritus. Give it a try and see!

3. Consider a glass protectant or sealant

If you find yourself cleaning the glass more than you’d like,  you can consider either a professional sealant application, or you can apply one yourself. The products used for car windscreens are often useful around home glass, so this may be a solution for you. If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to give us a call about your Kiss Glass Pool Fencing care.


Don't forget the aluminum posts and rails!

It’s no use cleaning the glass only to leave streaky, dirty posts to let the side down. Posts and rails can often be cleaned by the same chemicals, even if a little more elbow grease is needed. But it certainly pays to clean them! Or more like stops you from paying more to have them cleaned or replaced!

Products to AVOID!

Just as there are products to select, especially for glass, there are products to avoid.

Glass is generally chemically neutral, but some protective coatings and intermediaries may be affected by use of the wrong chemicals.

We suggest avoiding cream and gel-based chemicals that will leave streaks, and any heavily acidic or alkali chemicals unless absolutely necessary.

You may find it necessary on occasion to use a descaler, and these are often highly alkali, but we recommend you use these sparingly.

Why Choose Kiss Glass?

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