Toughened Glass of the Highest Standard

Glass panels used for pool fencing and balustrading need to be of the highest standard to ensure the safest conditions for your family and guests.

The glass must withstand the harsh weather conditions of Perth and cope with human interaction throughout the years.

Kiss uses only the toughest glass panels that are compliant with Australian standard AS/NZS 2208 and manufactured for maximum strength and durability.

Our toughened glass panels are 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass and are put through a heat soak treatment to significantly reduce the risk of breakage even further.

If in the unlikely event there was a breakage due to heavy impact, the glass would break into small granules to stop injury. Compare this to lower quality glass which would break into dangerous larger pieces.

For peace of mind and excellent good looks, contact Kiss Glass today!

Stamped Australian Compliant

12mm toughened glass, compliant to Australian standard AS/NZS 2208

Option of 15mm toughened laminated balustrade panels

15mm negates necessity for handrail where view is paramount

Heat soaked ensures no instantaneous explosion of panels

Kiss Glass

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