We’ve almost made it to Christmas – well done to everyone for getting through this crazy year. With the weather improving and holidays on the horizon, it’s time for BBQ’s, rellie bashes, playdates and pool parties. But how safe is your pool fence? And do you even have one? Follow our quick tips to make sure you avoid any accidents this Christmas.

Do you know these quick tip Pool Fence Standards?

  • Minimum 1,200mm high, with NO foot or handrails (or children may climb)
  • No gaps of more than 100mm
  • All gates are required to be self-closing and self-latching, with the latch located out of children’s reach
  • Bottom of fence no more than 100mm from the ground.


Study material is required for pool fences, material that will adhere to safety requirements for years to come with minimal maintenance. All Kiss Glass products exceed ASNZS2208: our pool fencing is made of toughened safety glass and comes with stainless steel mini posts, latches and hinges – not only that, they look fantastic.


All WA pool fencing must meet height regulations requiring them to be at least 1.2m tall. We think glass pool fencing is a great choice for Perth residents, giving a stylish, modern look to your pool area, while meeting strict height guidelines.

Clear any obstructions

Make sure you pool fence is clear of any obstructions with nothing resting up against the fence that children can climb (because they will climb anything they can!). Keep any outdoor furniture (chairs, tables) or decorations (pot plants) away from the fence. This also lets you have a clear view of your children in the water.

Supervise children

Along with ensuring your glass pool fencing Perth meets all safety standards, the most important thing for all parents or pool owners is to keep an eye on any children using the pool. Follow these ‘Keep Watch Actions’ as advertised by the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia:

  • Supervise your child
  • Restrict access to water
  • Be water aware
  • Learn resuscitation.

Create pool rules

Regularly have children in the pool? Consider creating a list of Pool Rules and be consistent about enforcing them. While choosing WA pool fencing is the best physical defence against water-based accidents, ensuring all children are suitably supervised is the next best way of keeping your pool safe. Think about printing out the rules and sticking them on the gate until everyone understands them.

Why choose Kiss Glass?

The difference between us and our competitors? We put our customers first. Our experienced team knows all the dangers of un-fenced pools, and, as we have kids ourselves, we pride ourselves on our product being the one that keeps your children safe, while adding style and sophistication to your back yard.

Make sure your Christmas is the happiest, safest one possible by installing a Kiss Glass Pool fence this December. Call us today on 08 9337 4099, email us at, or send us a message on our Facebook Page.