Why choose Glass Pool Fencing with Kiss Glass?


By law, if there is a pool in your back yard, it needs to be fenced to prevent accidents. In homes with children and pets, this law become even more important. Let their playfulness exuberate without limits and your concerns mitigated by installing glass pool fencing around your pool. Not only does glass pool fencing elevate pool safety, it also adds an aesthetic charm to your property.


Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Some of the benefits of installing glass pool fencing Perth are:


Pool safety

One of the biggest reasons of underage children being in life-threatening situations is drowning due to lack of safety measures. With glass pool fencing, you can be sure that your children and pets are safe. Without any toe holds to step on, children will be unable to climb over the fence.


Easy maintenance

Maintaining a glass pool fencing is easy, convenient, and economical. Maintain the pristine state and enhance longevity of the glass panels by washing it regularly with warm water and detergent.


Elegance and sophistication

Glass pool fencing add a charm of elegance and sophistication to your modern, contemporary home. It also makes certain areas look expansive due to reflection of light in immediate areas. Combine the aesthetic benefits with unrestricted view of the pool landscape, and you have got yourself a stellar ambiance!


Types of Glass Pool Fencing

Choose from the following options the types of glass pool fencing that would be ideal for your home:

Frameless Glass Pool 

Frameless glass pool fence has the fence installed without a frame and secured with spigots, making it look subtle and non-intrusive.

Semi-frameless Glass Pool

In case of semi-frameless glass pool fencing, the glass panels are fastened to aluminium posts that are affixed to the ground.


Rough price guidelines about glass pool fencing

While the quote for glass pool fencing per-lineal-metre if fixed depending upon the type of fence you choose, the overall cost will fluctuate depending on your preferences and the requirements of your project. Glass pool fencing projects demand additional procedures such as earthing, removal of old fences and balustrades, and pool fencing certification.

The professionals at Kiss Glass ensure that your glass pool fencing, and gate meet the Australian standards. And that is why we are renowned for WA pool fencing specialists..


Durability of glass pool fencing in WA sun

The glass panels used at Kiss Glass have endured the heating-soaked glass process which reinforces the glass strength. This process consists of heating and cooling the glass repeatedly to ensure that there are not any inclusions in the glass.  Glass panels are strong, durable and can withstand the temperature fluctuations of WA. At Kiss Glass, we go take an extra step to safeguard the wellbeing of your home and loved ones by only using glass panels that have sustained our thorough checks. 


Why Choose Kiss Glass?

Pools should bring fun and excitement to your summer, not worry and danger. If you want to ensure your pool is never a threat to your family, contact Kiss Glass so we can provide you with pool fencing that meets the highest safety standards. Call us on 08 9337 4099, email us at, or send us a message on our Facebook Page. We’d love to help you keep your family safe.