You have the pool, you have the back yard, all you are missing is the perfect pool fencing. No matter if you are upgrading existing fencing, or looking at fencing a sparkling new pool, choosing the right material for your fence can be tricky. Think about your vision for your garden, considering cost, safety and the maintenance of pool fencing. With so many choices available, which should you choose?

It’s a balance

Pool safety is the most important consideration, but you also need to consider the aesthetic impact your pool fencing has on your garden. Your pool fencing should blend into the surrounding landscape, subtly adding depth and dimension to your entertaining area. It stands out too much it can upset the balance of the space and possibly affect the value of your property.

Common pool fence types

All pool fencing must meet stringent Australian standards and are designed to keep small children away from pools. The two most popular materials for WA pool fencing are aluminium or glass. Often the choice comes down to what you prefer aesthetically.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Lightweight and easy to install, this has been a popular choice for pool fences for years. Long lasting and durable, aluminium pool fencing adds a traditional look to a pool area and can be powder coated to match boundary fencing.

Glass Pool Fencing

If you want to add the wow factor to your garden, glass pool fencing in Perth is the answer. Modern, durable and safe, with either frameless, semi-frameless or custom glass options to choose from, glass pool fencing is the aesthetically appealing option that will enhance the beauty of your garden. It also provides clear views of your pool, so you can keep an eye on the kids at all times.


Quality pool gates are extremely important to ensure both safety and accessibility. We install full-sized (8mm thick by 800mm wide) toughened glass pool gates with mechanical hinges. Glass gates can be more difficult to climb than other materials due to its slippery surface with nothing to hold on to.

Hinges, Posts and other accessories

It’s rare for glass fence fittings to come loose and if there is ever an issue with glass it is usually pretty obvious. Sometimes screws and fittings on aluminum fences can loosen, going unseen until it’s too late. This could possibly cause issues with gate closure or fence sections becoming unsafe.

Your choice

Whatever pool fencing you choose, make sure your supplier understands what you want and listens to you.

Why choose Kiss Glass?

The difference between us and our competitors? We put our customers first. We pride ourselves on the fact that our WA custom glass projects add style and sophistication to any garden.

Make sure your pool is the most stylish one possible by installing a Kiss Glass Pool fence. Call us today on 08 9337 4099, email us at, or send us a message on our Facebook Page.