What Makes Our Glass Superior?

At Kiss Glass, we have years of experience providing toughened glass for the homes of Perth, so we know how important it is to provide toughened glass for many scenarios. We heat soak our glass making it tougher and more durable than most other glass companies in Australia. It’s not a legal requirement, however gives the Glass a far greater chance at surviving a long life in the scorching Aussie summer sun!


Advantages of Installing Toughened Glass

1. Strength and durability

Toughened glass is designed to withstand the pressures of many things. Installing toughened glass gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t have shards of glass around if a cricket ball hits the window or someone accidentally kicks the glass instead of the ball (ouch)!

2. Safety

Toughened glass gives you additional physical security as it’s harder to penetrate and is therefore a deterrent. But it is also comforting to know your family is less likely to be exposed to glass shards, as toughened glass is less likely to break into bits and pieces.

3. Resistant to thermal damage

Toughened glass acts as a thermal insulator, meaning it will keep your home cool in the Perth summer and warm in the winter. Not only does this keep you comfortable, it protects your home and precious items from fluctuations in temperature. This can be damaging to timbers, musical instruments, technical equipment and more.

4. Suitable for almost all conditions, including windbreaking

Our toughened glass is manufactured to very high standards, meaning it must be able to cope with Australian weather conditions to be installed in Australian homes. Toughened glass gives you a window out into the world without submitting you to the elements. That means you can enjoy looking out on rain or shine, and really bring light into your home.

5. Aesthetically pleasing

Human beings naturally crave light and contact with the outside world. In fact we need sunlight to be healthy. Toughened glass allows you to have much larger, architectural windows than standard plate glass, so you can bring more light and more nature into your home. And as a pool fencing material, it allows you to enjoy the whole of your back yard and pool without interruption to your eye. We think glass is really the only material that adds value while protecting your family.

6. Meets all Australian pool safety standards and more.

We take safety extremely seriously, so we recommend toughened glass for pool fencing. Toughened glass brings durability and reliability to your pool environment, meaning not only do you meet Australian pool safety standards, you take safety to whole other level, and for many years to come.

Why Choose Kiss Glass?

Kiss Glass provides a unique, Australian-made product in our toughened glass, which brings supreme safety, durability and aesthetics to your home. Get in touch with us to get started on the best toughened glass available to Western Australia, and complete your home with Kiss Glass. For more information on how we can help transform your outdoor space, call us on (08) 9337 4099 or email us at .